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My Experiences

Welcome to my brand NEW blog site! What led me to creating a blog site was my love for writing and my loyal fans on social media. I just found out that Google is phasing out Google Plus and Blogger on April 2, 2019 so I decided now was the perfect time to make a new blog site and use my old .us domain to get my old traffic back.

I have been a Professional Resume Writer now for two years. I have worked mainly for myself "Resume Diva" but have also worked as a freelance writer for companies like Thumbtack and Upwork under my name; Lucinda Kerrigan.

I have discovered that by simply focusing on promoting myself and my brand "Resume Diva" I get to connect more closely to my clients and fans. I also write poetry and plan on continuing my poetry blog site in my spare time "little do I have of that".


My Community

 I appreciate my growing support in my local Carbondale community. I do get great advice from local people and my positive reputation follows me wherever I go whether just walking down the street, on the bus, or visiting a local business; I encounter others in a positive way. I have had local fans honk their car horn and wave to me! I appreciate the support from my local community. I also appreciate my fans from Social Media online! Thank you to all of you!


Join My Journey

These past few years working as a Professional Resume Writer have been challenging and rewarding. Who knows where this road will take me from here? I plan on staying in this chosen career path for years to come. I look forward to serving all my clients former, current and new ones now and in the future! Thanks for your support and see you soon!