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My Services

* Customized Resume Writing

* LinkedIn Profile Coaching

* Cover Letters & Thank You Notes

* Executive Biographies

* Interview Preparation

* Job Search Planning & Coaching

* Social Media (LinkedIn, Facebook, & Twitter) Strategies

* Business Letters

* Unemployment Appeal Letters

* Job Promotion Letters

* Job Placement Assistance Service

And More!

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Gift Cards make a great gift for Labor Day or any day! Available in any amount and can be used to pay for my services. Sorry, I can't add it directly to the site yet. However, I will check into it. Can be used on Square invoices or in-person sales. Thank you for your business.

Our Story

Back towards the end of February 2017, Lucinda Kerrigan a budding entrepreneur was searching for a new niche to save her failing business called Books and Stitches aka Creative Beyond Life. While online on Jobcase.com chatting with job seekers and exploring this new network she found a guy named Jimmy who posted he needed help with his Resume.

The a-ha! Moment then happened. Lucinda suddenly realized she could help him and start a Resume Writing business even though she only had two months of on the job training at an Employment Agency in 2003 in Nederland, Texas.

Lucinda had a Mariah Carey song at that time in her head and put the two words Resume Diva together and felt it would be a great name for the company. She checked on Google to make sure no one else was using it. No one was so she claimed it and started the company's first website as emails from all across the USA poured into her inbox. The rest is history and now almost two years later she is proud to have accomplished so much in just this past year and a half! She recently took a refresher course on edx.org and earned her Certificate. 

Thank you for visiting our website today and being part of this great network of clients and potential clients. I wouldn't be here without you. Let's keep this going!

Customer Reviews

"Lucinda is very good with Resume Writing, I recommend her if you need any help." Latonya S. from LinkedIn

"Genuinely a great person, works hard, and she has a lot of Moxie!" Pauline P. from Jobcase

"Lucinda is very helpful and she is full of honesty." Alexandra O.

"She is kind and caring, and should be a help to all Jobcase members with her low cost Resume Reviews." Kay S. from Jobcase 

"Giving such helpful and great advice, she is definitely someone who cares." Maximo A. from Jobcase

"A really great person to work with, very respectful and she cares about making your experience a really pleasant one." David C.

"The woman knows what keywords to use. She knows what phrasing to use. She knows how to take a mountain of text and condense it down to a small summary paragraph for potential employers to view. She's really good at her job." Jesse C. from Reddit

"Resume Diva is very accomodating. She told me right away what needed to be done to get my Resume looking professional. She completed it in a timely manner without rushing and at a great price! I was so pleased that I had her to create a Cover Letter too! She is easy to talk to and returns your messages promptly. I highly recommend Resume Diva!" Laura H.

"The Diva is easy to work with, reasonable and fast!" Sammi M.

"This is the best and most affordable Resume Service I have ever found. A really good Resume is essential and can make the difference between getting the job or not. For this reason, I tell all my friends to use Resume Diva Company before applying for any job or position. They have a way of making any Resume look much better and with more details. They can make any job appear like I was the CEO! I am completely happy and wish more companies operated like them. THANKS!" Tyler K.